Make it on Monday

Borrowing an idea from a friend of mine, I’m going to try to post one crafty item I made the previous week every Monday. I’m hoping that this will force me to make at least one crafting item a week.

This week’s item is the prototype for a menu for a wedding of dear friends in June. I saw these on the Paper Source Blog and knew I could make them myself much cheaper.

This is what I came up with and the bride-to-be loves them. :)

I hope everyone has a great week!

Shooter’s New Bed

Here are a couple of pictures of Shooter’s new bed. I think he likes it as he will go and sit on it unprompted now. It looks a little tipsy, but I think I’ll try to smoosh it down a bit more tonight when I get home. This was his sad face as we were leaving for the day for work … make’s my heart melt every day.

Shooter’s New Dog Bed

Well it might have started out as a bed for the back of the truck and it might still be for longer trips but I think it might be his downstairs dog bed :)

I used this pattern from Joanns as a starting point but used my own measurements.

Here are a few pictures from the WIP. I’ll post more when it’s done. I have added the pattern to my Sewing Page. Feel free to click on the link above to check it out! :)